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[19 Feb 2004|01:24pm]
Wow.. Deleted.. Undeleted.. Will be gone soon.. Just wondering if anyone still likes reading my journal that doesnt know of my new one?
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[05 Jul 2003|02:36pm]
Another reminder.. I have a new journal... OneMonthCause.. I probably won't use this one anymore.. So make sure uadd my new one
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[22 Jun 2003|08:28pm]
Once again.. I got a new journal.. ADD ME (onemonthcause)
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ATTENTION ALL MY FRIENDS [21 Jun 2003|11:09am]
I got a new LJ: OneMonthCause

Add me and I will add you back.. I am already adding a few of you.. But if I don't add you.. Just add me and I will add you back.. But I am going out of town next week so if I dont add you till next Saturday.. That's why..
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[21 Jun 2003|02:42am]
Today.. I hung out with Breeze.. She has the kewlest car in the world.. We rode around.. She is really kewl to talk to.. Its like shes so different from other people.. She talks back.. lol.. She has things to say too... I am going to miss her next week when I am out of town..

After that I went and practiced with a band.. I played lead guitar.. They like 70's southern rock solo style.. yo.. ha ha.. I guess I will stay if they want to get this going.. I really wish I could start a band with my self on every instrument.. ha ha

After that I went to thee rock and roll pizza.. Hurry Up Offence is sooo kick ass.. Kewl guys.. I am calling like crazy trying to get them a show booked tomorrow.. I hope they can get on the voo doo thing.. They are really nice and friendly.. Love Left Ashes and Whole Wheat Bread was kick ass as usual.. Love Left Ashes CD is KICK ASS... They are starting to become good friends of mine.. Kevin and Scott are going to be Seniors at DA next year.. Soo it's kewl I have made some friends.. I was telling someone today (in a different post) how I felt weird at first about switching school.. But I am meeting people.. And they are all friendly..

One more thing.. If You See Kay.. They have the DRUNKEST and annoying fans in the world.. Good thing or bad? I dunno.. I will hand it to them.. I can't stand their crowd.. They aren't THAT great.. But I will hand it to them they got a loud fan following.. And that deserves MAJOR props.. The music is good.. Dont get me wrong.. But it's not as great as their fans make it come off.. Props for getting a crowd like that.. You can look at these kids.. Judge their music how you will.. But they have TALENT with making friends/fans.. Thats the most important skill when you are in a band...

My band is playing thee imperial the 11th.. with.. ALL4DEFIANCE.. Kewl kewl.. If you havent heard them lately they are changin the sound up and it's kickin..
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[19 Jun 2003|09:43pm]
Today.. I did nothing.. I don't think I even saw the light of day.. Oh well.. Sat around and played guitar.. I have some AWESOME acoustic stuff I have been working on.. No.. It's not that generic emo sound.. And no it's not punk without distortion.. It's kinda that folk sound that I had when I first started..
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[19 Jun 2003|04:52pm]
Oh yea... The other day Mandi IMed:

FlurtBabi18 [2:27 PM]: i didnt know u got mad at me when i asked if u wanna to go to see saliva.....i didnt need a ride i wanted u to go......and no me and richard didnt break up -Mandy

Well... Someone told her what I said.. Or she read my journal.. Steva said she didn't tell.. Soo.. Mandy must have read my journal.. Oh well.. I just thought it was funny she IMed me...

She's just someone from Hilliard.. Soooo.. I don't give a shit
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[19 Jun 2003|11:10am]
I don't really have much to say.. I haven't been doing much lately.. It seems like I piss Steva off easily by bitching.. I guess I shouldn't bitch.. Gas is free.. Time is free.. She gives me gas money.. But my van is a gas hog and she don't understand that.. And she don't know that it's over an hour drive to Hilliard and back to Jax.. She gets so pissed off if I say anything about it.. But I am not really bitching.. It that it's a pain in the ass.. I have been missing a lot of good bands cause she has to be back to Hilliard by 12:30 and stop by McDondlds.. And I don't have gas for it.. I have to stay home today.. Cause all my gas is gone from having to drive all the way to Hilliard and only getting enough gas money to bump my van off E.. I am not bitching.. But I wish she wouldn't get pissed off at me for trying to explain these things to her.. She would kill me if she saw I wrote this.. But... As long as I make 2 or 3 more entrees or her other friends write a few more entrees she won't read this.. LoL..
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[18 Jun 2003|09:20pm]
Magic Number14
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Me - In A WordGenius
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SHOW CANCELED [18 Jun 2003|04:54pm]
The show for this Saturday is off.. Stephen is sick and I ain't going to sing.. I sound like Green Day crossed with some NoFx.. And that DOES NOT clash well with our style..

We found a new studio.. We are going to record 5 more songs at Died Trying studios.. We will have 8 songs which include:

Stay Inside (New version)
So Sad About You (New version)
Breakdown (New version)
Made In Canada
Just You and Me

I am also going to do an acoustic project.. The CD will include
Amber (My Imaginary Girlfriend)
More Than This
Another Dumb Emo Song
Midnight's Death
Hope (This Hurts)

It will be more than acoutic.. 1 song is JUST piano.. There are some combos of keyboards and acoustic.. 2 songs I am playing EVERYTHING.. 1 acoustic song will be a full band.. And its going to be good.. I will keep it updated..
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[18 Jun 2003|03:48pm]
More bad news....

Steva didn't get into DA.. That's means long rides from Hillard to Jax and back all by myself.. I am still going.. And I am going to have a lot of fun.. But it would have been so much more fun with her...

Last night we went to the Places To Park and Far From Eden show.. Far From Eden and Places To Park was AWESOME.. I didn't get to see the last band, and now I wish I would have.. Aaron was telling me they are really awesome.. But I had to take Steva all the way back to Hilliard b4 12:30.. So I didn't even get to sample the tunes.. But I will get to this Saturday :-)
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[17 Jun 2003|12:54am]
I have been working on all kinda new songs.. I think for the longest time I have been trying to hard to not be pop punk or emocore... That's all I can be.. So what if its trendy.. I can't help being anything but me

I might have a trendy sound.. But its trendier to try to be something you are not.. So.. I am going to be me.. And if I sound like Blink 182.. I don't care.. I am going to sound like me and if me sounds like someone else than oh well..

I got 4-6 songs.. I am minus a bassist drummer and 2nd guitar.. But it's all good.. I can go acoustic if I can't find anyone..
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Mommy... Tell God to quit FUCKING WITH MY ALREADY FUCKED UP LIFE [17 Jun 2003|12:16am]
Today was the greatest day of my life...

Scratch that...

NOTHING good happened today...

+I woke
-I woke up to THIS
+I am healthy
-I am healthy enough to suffer through days like today

Ok.. Reason for bitchin...

I was driving to band practice.. and some fucker some where threw a rock or something and hit my windshield and cracked it in half.. It could have been..

1) Someone throwing rocks off overpass
2) Someone in the other lane throwing shit
3) A object "jumping off the road"
4) Random act of "God"..

Can I sue God? I bet he's rich..

Too bad it wasn't a bowling ball... I bet a bowling ball would have killed me..

I get home after band practice.. And I cook my dinner.. (Yes, I am eating again.. But only one meal a day.. The whole anorexic thing made me sick all the time)... Well, I am cooking and I can't cook without my grandparents taking shit.. They are trying to help? I am cooking.. They are taking this and that and putting it back in the frig.. They were in their beds when I got him.. They think that a teenager isn't capiable of cooking.. I have been living with them all my life.. And I have cooked a lot... And they do this everytime.. It PISSES me off.. My cooking is better than all of theirs.. I don't make a mess.. and IF I do its cause they are hoovering over me.. Well.. I told my grandpa to go back to sleep.. And he called me a smartass.. And I called him a dumbass.. And he held his hand back and made a pissed off face like he was going to punch me.. So I grabbed a kitchin knife and tried to hand it to him and told him to stab me.. It will have a kewler effect than one of his weak ass punches.. I really wouldn't care if I die/got killed/killed myself... I guess I am just that apathetic about somethings..
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[17 Jun 2003|12:16am]
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A quizzy [15 Jun 2003|07:06pm]

You're Colombia!

You do a lot of drugs, and these have kind of distorted your view of
reality, to the point that everyone looks like an enemy.  You keep trying to restore
order over your schizophrenic world view, but you don't even know which goal is your own
and which is someone else's.  You're pretty sure someone needs to be punished for all
this, but who that is changes all the time.  Things would be a lot better for you if
you switched to coffee, or even to decaf, but all this money would be hard to give up.

the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid

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Right now.. I know what it means to be wasted [15 Jun 2003|01:11am]
I went to the voo doo tonight with Steva.. You know.. She is really awesome most the time.. I never had a best friend till I had her.. That's all I got to say about that

Well.. At the voo doo.. I met this kewl girl.. Janet.. She was by herself in the corner up stairs.. Just chillin.. But Steva and I decided to bother her and drag her into convo.. Well actually she first talked to us.. But either way she is really kewl..

My friends Scott and Derek from Love Left Ashes was at the show.. I mostly hung out with Scott and Janet all night.. Derek was all over and junk.. And Steva noticed that he was drinking.. He's only like 17.. So Steva asked him to get her a drink.. And a few mins later I asked him to hook me up... I don't know what I got but the first sip tasted like rubbing alachol.. He said it was something lemonade.. I don't know what the fuck it was.. It was rubbing alachol with pink junk in it.. Ha ha... Well it didn't start to take effect till after I drove all the way to Hilliard to drop Steva off.. I could not stay on the road for nothing man.. I feel so dizzy.. I don't give a shit if it was just one drink.. It was my FIRST in forever.. I took a few sips off of friends a while back.. And I got kinda tricked by my band when I was a kid... But damn.. I am so fucked up now.. My head is like whoa.. I feel like barfing.. But I have only had one thing to eat in the last 3 days (and that was the hamburger I had after the show) and my body don't want to let that go..

What have I became? I have told myself all these years I would never drink.. I did.. I told myself if I drank I would NEVER drive.. I did that too.. 2 years ago I was some little Christian.. Not cussing much.. Never drink.. Never do anything wrong.. I was a nice little shit.. To every one.. I went to church every Sunday and liked it.. Now look at me.. I not only drank.. But I drove.. All in the same night.. I cuss all the time.. And ever since the car wreck (when my back got fucked up) I have decided that 1)God doesn't exist or 2) He REALLY hates me.. I am just his little puppet here to fuck up and him and all his buddys laugh their asses off at me..

Thats what I think..

But I think from now own.. Instead of cutting.. I am going to have a drink.. My arms and wrists are scared like hell and they are soo sore.. I shouldn't do that shit.. It's fucked up.. I am going to have a drink cause for no reason at all I feel happy in a uncontrollable way.. Yep.. I am never cutting my fucking arms up again.. Fuck that shit.. Where is the pink rubbing alachol...

Thats what I think..

Someone tell me if I am fucked up or what... Tell me.. I dont give a shit

(this thing took me like a hour and a half to write.. Every word I wrote I had to backspace.. But challanges are fun.. Sorry for bad spelling)
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Why is everything I do or say fucked up? [13 Jun 2003|03:12pm]
Ok.. Here's the deal.. Every suggestion I make about the band... I get shot down by Nicki b4 I finish.. This was the problem with Self Denied.. Execpt Mike KINDA had a right to shoot me down.. Nicki is just the drummer.. She thinks I am stupid or something... 2 situations have recentlly occured...

1) Stephen tunned his guitar to D# and we have been playing like that.. I don't like D#.. I think if we are going to drop our tuning lets not do a half step.. Lets do a whole step.. Nicki said that was stupid.. And she was tuning Stephen's guitar down the other day.. I told her how to put it a half step down.. She said thats not how you do it.. I was right.. Well.. Last night Stephen just went down a whole step.. And it sounded awesome.. Atleast shes not too stuck up to agree.. So now we are playing in my tuning..

2) They are so paranoid about pictures on the "World Wide Web"... Herman don't give a shit.. I don't think Stephen does either.. But Nicki.. It's a big deal.. She don't want to put pics of our last show on the site cause there are no close ups of her.. Someone sent me the pictures on a FTP site and I downloaded them.. The pics were too big to e-mail them to her so she could approve of them... Soooo.. I put them on a online photo album.. NO ONE is going to get there unless I give them the site url.. But she makes a big deal out of it.. The pictures are gooD (so she says) but she didn't give me premission to put them on the world wide web...

Fuck this shit.. If I am going to stay in this band we need a new drummer.. For now I am not going to do shit.. I am not working on the website anymore.. I blocked her screen name.. I am just going to go play bass at practices and shows.. Fuck.. I don't even think I will sing n e more.. Fuck this shit.. I am starting my own band... A band that don't give a shit if we have a website and our pics are on it even if they aren't pro quality.. My band is going to be kick ass.. Everyone's opinion will be welcome.. If someone suggests something to try out everyone is going to have an open mind and give it a try.. And if it sucks no biggy.. And if it's awesome there isn't going to be no egotistical bragging.. Whos in?
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Print these out and give them to all your friends [13 Jun 2003|02:48pm]
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Print this one out too [13 Jun 2003|02:46pm]
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This is my sexy ass singing at the Jack Rabbits show... [13 Jun 2003|02:33pm]
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